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2009-01-18 18:45 (日曜日)

About Us

Portfolio is the only provider of quality Japanese language daily news and information about the Netherlands and Belgium. Some 4000 Japanese in the Netherlands, Belgium and other places in the world read Portfolio.nl every day.

Portfolio was established in 1999 as the Japanese version of the prestigious Dutch financial daily "Het Financieele Dagblad".
In 2004 it started the current version of Portfolio.nl, to provide the Japanese community every day with general daily news and information in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Advertisement in Portfolio

Portfolio's main readers are the 15,000 Japanese residents in the Netherlands and Belgium This makes placing advertisements, advertorials and hyperlinks online in Portfolio the best and the most cost effective way to reach the Japanese business people in the area. For details please refer to:Advertising with Portfolio

Other Services

Web Solutions
Portfolio is also engated in system development, hosting, software development, website development, e-commerce, networking and other IT areas.

Portfolio is often involved in coordination and research projects for
Dutch and Japanese media and companies.

Portfolio also provides professional translation services in Japanese, English, Dutch and French. It covers the fields of:

- Economics, business, finance, accounting, insurance
- Legal documents, contracts and official documents
- Marketing, market research
- IT
- Advertising, PR, design

contact portfolio.nl
telephone: +31-20-3411120
e-mail: info@portfolio.nl

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